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Our History.

TASQA Analytical Services Ltd. began operations in September 22, 1992 in the city of Paulínia, state of São Paulo. The very first services offered were Pesticides Residue Analysis on food and processed food, and physical-chemistry tests on agrochemical formulations.

Based on the founders’ expertise TASQA starts offering chemical analysis on agrochemicals. Product dossier for registration by IBAMA, MAPA and MS requires this kind of analysis. Environmental sampling and analysis began in 1994.

In 1996 José Marcos Santana became the single owner of the Company. Today TASQA has as shareholders Maria Celia and José Marcos Santana. Based on the expertise of the founders TASQA starts offering services of pesticides residue analysis in vegetable and other agricultural matrixes. These analyses were part of a dossier for product registration with IBAMA, MAPA and MS/ANVISA. We work with environmental analysis as well.

With a workload quite superior to our operational capacity, investments were made to give a right response to the market. Naturally our activities were expanded to physiochemical tests on raw materials and final agricultural products, looking for the same registration dossier. We worked with all kinds of agrochemical formulations, solids, liquids, emulsions, suspensions and more.

We fist started the company with a single GC-ECD/FID from ANTEK, HPLC-UV from SSI and AAS from Buck. At this point we bought Agilent 6890 GC’s and 1100 HPLC’s, ICP from Jobin Yvon and AAS from Varian. Environmental analysis quickly became our major business. 1997 Stack sampling looking for organic and inorganic gas emissions became one important area in our Company.

As a primary need we began to work on Company guidelines: Mission, Vision and Values. Although we were growing faster than we could anticipate, some essentials never changed: a good place to work, respect to others, striving for excellence in work and integrity, above all a sense that everything was happening because TASQA was a place blessed by God.

In mid-1999 IBAMA, along with ANVISA / Ministry of Health initiated a program of compulsory implementation of Good Laboratory Practice - GLP via INMETRO. This program became a formal requirement for laboratories that were testing agrochemicals for registration. The process began with about 60 laboratories and at the end of two years, no more than six laboratories had achieved accreditation, and TASQA was one.

In the two years following TASQA invested in the acquisition of various Equipments, including GC-MS, ICP and laboratory infrastructure to meet this high demand as well.

In 2000 unilaterally we initiated the process of implementation of ISO 17025 on Environmental Area, looking for the same differential quality achieved through GLP. This process required two years of training, development of quality culture, structure, documentation and qualification of personnel.

In 2002 we had the first Inmetro audit. After overcoming all difficulties we were accredited by ISO/IEC 17025. It was double joy, because besides the accreditation, TASQA was the first Brazilian environmental laboratory to achieve such a feat. Our scope at that time was restricted to drinking water with about 70 parameters, attending law Port. 1469/2000 of the Ministry of Health, this law had replaced the Port. 36/1990. In 2004 came the Ordinance 518/MS and so on.

At this same time we seek to enable the ANVISA for all tests that had already standardized qualification and quickly came under the code ANALI018.

In the years that followed we seek to increase the number of parameters in our accredited scope, as well as seeking accreditations in new areas as was the case of Air Emissions. We were the first Brazilian laboratory to seek and achieve ISO 17025 (was not yet standardized the nomenclature of this standard), a few years later we were again pioneers being the first laboratory to obtain the ISO / IEC 15025 in Minas Gerais. Again, double joy, first by getting the accreditation and second, being mining, could open our first branch in Ipatinga-MG already crowned with the title of Accredited Laboratory ISO / IEC 17025.

The years passed, new businesses were added, new employees were added to the human assets of the Company, many victories and some defeats tempered our lives.

We got a date with a consolidated company, solid, mature, committed professionals, with a lean and efficient structure, high automation level, focused on the needs of our customers, keeping their dreams original and current and also maintaining the conviction that brought us until the present day, and certainly still take us very far: a place blessed by God. Come join this company, either as Customer, Supplier, Employee, Partner or Investor. We are waiting for you!